089 - Modelling Quantum Sensors in a realistic navigation system context

089 - Modelling Quantum Sensors in a realistic navigation system context


As well as the potential next generation quantum time and frequency sources, the world of quantum systems contemplates evolutions of gyroscopes, accelerometers, gravitational sensors and magnetometers based on quantum effects. Predictions of the performance of these new quantum sensors offer the prospect of accurate navigation without GNSS for long periods of time with some predicting that GNSS will no longer be necessary. However few models exist to be able to test and show the potential impacts of quantum-based technologies when integrated into a navigation system. Where modelling capabilities exist, they do not factor in realistic environments and dynamics and all potential sources of noise or error that might exist in a mobile system. Similarly, much of the experimentation with quantum sensors for navigation has been laboratory based and there is little experimental evidence of performance in the real world and the degradations that might occur when quantum sensors are integrated into a complete PNT solution. 

The objective of the activity is to develop new models for end-to-end navigation solutions that incorporate quantum sensors and account for real world environments and dynamics. The main innovation is to develop an environment where the benefits, if any, of quantum sensors can be determined before integration in a real system.

The tasks to be performed shall include: 

  • Review of the existing simulator environments and quantum sensors models and analysis of the sensor model’s suitability to be incorporated in simulation environments 
  • Definition of missing quantum sensor model. The definition of the models for the quantum sensors in this context may need to be supported by laboratory or even field experiments. The state-of-the art in US Quantum PNT has to be considered as a starting point. 

The main outputs of the activity will consist of: 

  • Survey of state of the art on quantum sensors and their models 
  • New models development and their incorporation in PNT systems