068 - Biosensor and PNT Integration: What is feasible?

068 - Biosensor and PNT Integration: What is feasible?


Biosensors (pioneered by C. Clark, inventor of Clark Oxygen Electrode for blood), are sensors that integrate a biological element with a physiochemical transducer to produce an electronic signal proportional to a single analyte which is then conveyed to a detector.

A wide field of applications exists: clinical (in vivo, in vitro) and non-clinical. Typical application fields are food-analyses (e.g. freshness sensor, artificial nose,..), drug development, crime detection, medical diagnosis (clinical and laboratory), environmental field monitoring, quality control, industrial process control, detection systems for biological agents (not limited to warfare), manufacturing of pharmaceutical and human organs, medical event monitoring and testing. 
This raises the question  about the added value of integrating Biosensors with a PNT function, e.g. in an Internet of Things (IoT) approach. Potentially interesting is the use of the “Lab-on-a-Chip” concept. 

Several examples exist already: Digital Angel, Ring Sensor, Smart Shirt, Smart Spacesuit (NASA) EVA, quality and performance testing in sport (Athletics, racing horses, monitoring of soldiers, fire-fighters).

The objective of the proposed activity is to analyse different categories of biosensors and analyse the integration potential with PNT, bringing together at least two scientific groups: Bioengineers and PNT engineers.

The tasks to be performed will include: 
- Elaboration of an overview on Biosensors;
- Selection of Biosensors, which could have a promising interface to PNT;
- Engineering level discussion, e.g. integration of Lab-on-Chip with IoT GNSS sensor;
- Identification of current and future application fields, e.g. automatized drug or antigen testing;
- Market analyses and suggestion on viable biosensor & PNT integrated applications.

The main outputs of the activity will consist of: 
- Study report: Fundamental assessment of this interdisciplinary application field. Identification of new application fields and technical developments;
- Identification of use cases and new applications