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062 - Lunar surface PNT Beacon demonstrator

In line with Phase 3 of the reference Roadmap for Lunar PNT service provision (ESA/PB-NAV(2020)9) and in complement to the development of a LCNS navigation payload Elegant Breadboard proposed above as activity NAVISP-El1-061, there is technical consensus on the importance to implement pre-developments of the most critical associated PNT technologies. A PNT beacon transmitter/reference station…

061 - Navigation payload demonstrator of future LCNS satellites

Moon exploration is emerging as the next global strategic priority in space exploration. Several dozens of commercial and institutional missions to the Moon are planned for the coming decades, with a major contribution also expected from ESA (e.g. Orion service module, ESA participation in Gateway lunar station and contribution to multiple lunar robotic missions). In spite of the wide variety of…

054 - Monitoring timing signals from space. A novel approach for a worldwide robust time and synchronisation capability

Many systems (including critical infrastructure) rely on GNSS receivers for synchronization purposes nowadays, for instance telecom networks, power grids and financial markets. Due to the vulnerability of GNSS to interference and spoofing, there is a growing need on alternative (non-GNSS-dependent) timing services, as shown by several investigations and initiatives on this topic (e.g. European…