UpVision s.r.o.

UpVision s.r.o.

UpVision s.r.o. company is one of the biggest drone operator in the Czech Republic, which provides services from drones from 2013. It is oriented mainly for the technical application and using drones for mapping, remote sensing, aerial inspections and monitoring, but also is very active in the research and have some awards.

Together with AirMap provide an unmanned traffic management system (UTM/U-space) for Air Navigation Service provider of the Czech Republic from 2018-2021, and focuses on the creation of an integrated system for whole drone ecosystem consisting of UTM, Drone Registers, e-identification, antidrone system and future integration of ATM and UTM systems for supporting safety and advanced drone usage options. UpVision cooperate with Honeywell on testing their DAA system in the Czech Republic, preparing several BVLOS scenarios with drones in the Czech Republic (power lines and medical delivery) and preparing cities like Prague for the Urban Air Mobility concept.

UpVision is author of mobile app for drones Maia (precursor of the UTM system), which use in the Czech Republic about 10 000 drone pilots. We are also consultants and lectors for unmanned systems, business cases, registration processes on CAA, for documents as SORA, ConOps, drone flight scenarios and Urban air mobility. Cooperation on IoT device for e-identification of drones.

UpVision is co-founder of the UAV Alliance of the Czech Republic (UAVA), Jakub Karas is a president of this Alliance.

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