Element 3 - Support to Member States

Activity Reference Project Title Status
NAVISP-EL3-031 031 - National GNSS Knowledge Center Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-030 030 - I-MASTER (Italian Maritime Autonomous Surface ships TEst Range) Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-029 029 - Autonomous Robot for Laser scanning and Inspections (ARLI) Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-027 027 - ADG Innovation Lab Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-026 026 - RIPTIDE Phase 2: Resilient PNT for the Black Sea and Danube region – Demonstrator Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-025 025 - UK SBAS Test-Bed Phase 2 Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-024 024 - INGRIM: Integrated Galileo reference infrastructure and technology development for height modernisation Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-023 023 - Belgian Secure Certified UTM Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-022 022 - Vulnerability analysis for GNSS dependent vital and major infrastructures (IKUSII) Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-021 021 - NavIN: Indoor Navigation System Study Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-020 020 - Integrated Navigation System-of-Systems PNT Integrity for Resilience Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-019 019 - UK SBAS Testbed Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-018 018 - Aurora Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-017 017 - UK Time Distribution (UTD) Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-016 016 - Echo Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-015 015 - ARFIDAAS II Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-014 014 - GNSS Event Notification Service (GENS) Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-012 012 - P-Car Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-011 011 - In-orbit demonstration of PPP on-board Norsat-TD Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-010 010 - Independent Critical Navigation - ICING Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-008 008 - DANGO (Danish National Galileo Overlay) Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL3-006 006 - RIPTIDE Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-005 005 - Trondheimsfjorden Test Area Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-004 004 - Advanced Radio Frequency Interference Detection, Alerting and Analysis System (ARFIDAAS) Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-003 003 - GNSS vulnerability & mitigation in Czech Republic Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-002 002 - CyTEF: Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation Facility Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL3-001 001- MarRINav (Maritime Resilience and Integrity of Navigation) Activity Completed

Activity Ongoing - The project has started and is in progress

Activity Completed - The project has now finished