014 - GNSS Event Notification Service (GENS)

014 - GNSS Event Notification Service (GENS)

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL3-014

Start date: 23/10/2020

The GNSS Event Notification Service (GENS) project’s aim is to create an initial national demonstration capability for GNSS event notification that is robust, secure and aligned to the UK national interest. In addition, GENS is planned to act as a catalyst to create a national centre for GNSS service threat identification and response. In support of the objective, GENS is also to provide guidance to widen the national understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities associated with using GNSS to derive resilient PNT. This is with the aim to allow informed requirements development, procurement, deployment and support for GNSS reliant PNT services by the UK.

The GNSS Event Notification Service (GENS) project will deliver a pre-Operational System-of-Systems to manage GNSS threats and vulnerabilities for critical infrastructure and will consist of:

• a GNSS Guidance Document for GNSS threats and vulnerabilities management
• the GENS Technology Delivery Service, a system of systems to enable the management of the GNSS events
• the GENS Business Transformation Service, an activity to manage the requirements of the GENS Technology Delivery Service

Prime contractor


Name: CGI UK Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.cgi-group.co.uk/en-gb


The National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Name: The National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Country: United Kingdom

Website: http://www.npl.co.uk/

Ordnance Survey (OS)

Name: Ordnance Survey (OS)

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk


Name: GMV NSL Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.gmv.com/en-es


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