Element 1 - Innovation in satellite Navigation

Activity Reference Project Title Status
NAVISP-EL1-070 070 - Advanced MEOSAR Test Beacon Setup ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-069 069 - Enabling high performance PNT in lunar environment ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-068 068 - Biosensor and PNT Integration: What is feasible? ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-067 067 - Precision Agriculture - High precision coordinate and alignments transfer ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-066 066 - Deeply Coupled GNSS Vector tracking loop robust solution for autonomous vehicles ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-065 065 - eLoran antenna for handheld devices ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-064 064 - Block-box for an optimised GNSS spectrum monitoring network using AI ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-063 063 - RIS-aided wireless localization and mapping ITT Intended
NAVISP-EL1-062 062 - Lunar surface PNT Beacon demonstrator ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-061 061 - Navigation payload demonstrator of future LCNS satellites ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-060 060 - Novel privacy preserving PNT processing techniques ITT Open
NAVISP-EL1-059 059 - Application of photonics technology for PNT user equipment ITT Open
NAVISP-EL1-058 058 - Demonstration of GNSS position bounding using satellite uplinks ITT Open
NAVISP-EL1-057 057 - Development of advanced VDES-R user technologies for alternative PNT ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-056 056 - Advanced algorithms and techniques for resilient time provision ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-055 055 - Attitude control of autonomous ships navigating in ports ITT Open
NAVISP-EL1-054 054 - Monitoring timing signals from space. A novel approach for a worldwide robust time and synchronisation capability ITT Closed
NAVISP-EL1-053 053 - Real-Time Big Data Processing for GNSS Integrity - MAGIE Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-052 052 - Robust navigation of airborne autonomous systems with carrier phase of ARNS signals ITT Open
NAVISP-EL1-051 051 - New Concept for Evolutive Mitigation of RFI to GNSS Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-050 050 - Proof of concept of hybrid 5G-NR/GNSS Positioning with ad-hoc overlay Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-049 049 - Cooperative Positioning and Integrity Concept in Vehicle Platooning Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-047 047 - An Innovative concept for the Risk Assessment of Geologic Hazards using GNSS and Solid Earth Tides Modelling Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-046 046 - Combining ELF signals with GNSS for improved PNT Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-045 045 - Multi-layer PNT for SAR Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-044 044 - Hollow Corner Cube Retro-Reflectors In-Orbit PNT Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-042 042 - Next generation motion sensors for hybrid GNSS ins solutions in high accuracy machine control applications Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-041 041 - Quantum Metrology for secure PNT Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-040 040 - Next Generation network-assisted PNT assurance Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-039 039 - Earth Moon GNSS Spaceborne Receiver for In-Orbit-Demonstration Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-038 bis 038 bis - Application of Machine Learning Technology for GNSS IOT Data Fusion Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-038 038 - Application of Machine Learning Technology for GNSS IOT Data Fusion Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-037 037 - PNT Timing & Synchronisation for Aviation Systems and Networks Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-036 (bis) 036 bis - Precise positioning for mass-market: optimal data dissemination demonstrator Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-036 036 - Precise positioning for mass-market: optimal data dissemination demonstrator Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-035 035 - Machine-Learning to model GNSS systems Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-035 ter 035 ter - Machine Learning Techniques to model GNSS Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-035 bis 035 bis - Machine Learning Techniques to model GNSS Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-034 034 - AI-enabled baseband algorithms for high-fidelity measurements Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-032 (bis) 032 bis - Advanced concept for chip-scale atomic clocks Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-032 032 - Advanced concept for chip-scale atomic clocks Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-031 031 - Precise Timing for Indoor Small Cells Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-030 030 - Advanced Multi-Frequency low-cost high-gain GNSS antennas for next generation of mass-market devices Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-029 029 - Collaborative Processing of Distributed Receivers of Opportunity for Jamming and Spoofing Mitigation Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-027 027 - Alternative Space-based PNT data layer Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-026 026 - Enabling Ultra-High Accuracy Positioning in Challenging Environment Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-025 025 - Multi-Sensor, Multi-System for Space PNT Applications Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-024 024 - Precise Relative Positioning in MEO to support Science Missions Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-023 (bis) 023 bis - Earth-Moon Navigation: System Study and development of a high-sensitive spaceborne receiver Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-023 023 - Earth-Moon Navigation / System Study and Development of a Highly-Sensitive Spaceborne Receiver Prototype Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-022 022 - Low-cost multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS antenna for CubeSats Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-021 021 - Integrity Monitoring and Prediction Concept for Autonomous Car Resilience and Safety Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-020 (bis) 020 bis - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vessel Navigation Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-020 020 - Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Sensor Fusion for autonomous Vessel Navigation Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-019 (bis) 019 bis - Ultra-Low Power Device Positioning Concepts Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-019 019 - Ultra-Low Power Device Positioning Concepts Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-018 018 - Low-RF Fast Deployable Systems for Emergencies in Difficult Environments Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-017 017 - Techniques supporting Resilience for High Integrity Train Control Applications Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-016 016 - GNSS/non-GNSS Sensor Fusion for Resilience in High Integrity Aviation Applications Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-014 014 - PNT using Neutrino Particles Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-013-bis 013 bis - Quantum-based sensing for PNT Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-013 013 - Quantum-based sensing for PNT Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-012 012 - High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites for PNT Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-011 (bis) 011 bis - Resilient, Trustworthy, Ubiquitous Time Transfer Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-011 011 - Resilient, Trustworthy, Ubiquitous Time Transfer Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-010 010 - Low-Cost GNSS Antenna Arrays for Improved Performance, Anti-Spoofing and Meaconing and Interference Mitigation Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-008 008 - Weather Monitoring Based on Collaborative Crowdsourcing Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-007 007 - Cooperative Navigation and Cloud Processing Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-EL1-006 006 - Pulsar Timescale Demonstration Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-005 005 - Multipath & Interference Error Mitigation Techniques for Future Maritime e-NAV Services Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-004 004 - Multi-System Multi-Sensor Maritime PNT Test Platform Activity Ongoing
NAVISP-El1-003 003 - System Suitability Study for Train Positioning Using GNSS in ERTMS in 2020 (STEMS) Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-002 002 - Trusted Radionavigation via Two-Way Ranging Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-001-bis 001 bis - Complementary PNT Infrastructure in LEO Activity Completed
NAVISP-EL1-001 001 - Complementary PNT Infrastructure in LEO Activity Completed

ITT Intended - Invitation to tender is planned to be issued in the future

ITT Open - The invitation to tender is open, companies are allowed to submit proposals

ITT Closed - Companies are not longer allowed to submit a proposal. ESA now selects who they want to award the contract to

Activity Ongoing - The project has started and is in progress

Activity Completed - The project has now finished