High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites for PNT

High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites for PNT

Over the years, GNSS has become of prime importance with respect to the socioeconomic prosperity and critical for many industries.

Yet, by design GNSS suffer some limitation. First, the GNSS signals from space are precariously weak, and can easily be blocked, damaged or compromised.

Second, GNSS is also subject to local environment impact, such as masking and/or multi-path effects. This is especially the case in urban environment where significant performance degradations can be observed. Indoor conditions are even worse in this respect.

In this context, HAPS is considered as a promising complement to the existing GNSS systems.

This project aims at assessing how and to which extend HAPS could support and improve the current GNSS performances.

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Sonaca S.A

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M3 Systems Belgium SPRL

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