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What is Navisp

ESA’s Navigation Innovation and Support Program (NAVISP) is a key enabler for innovation and competitiveness and a strategic Tool of ESA to support and develop the overall European POSITIONING, NAVIGATION and TIMING (PNT) landscape. PNT data plays an increasingly important role in our society from increasing connectiveness to automating processes. The main NAVISP objective is to facilitate and support the generation of innovative propositions that go beyond the exclusive use of satellite navigation signals and data and include the development of competitive industrial capabilities and the development of new, innovative technologies to complement, upgrade or replace current PNT technologies. The NAVISP programme is structured according to three Elements that complement each other and contribute to the above programme objectives:

Element 1: Innovation
NAVISP Element 1 aims to develop innovative concepts, techniques, technologies, and systems related to the PNT sector along the entire value chain. The activities under Element 1 are fully funded by ESA.
Element 2: Competitiveness
NAVISP Element 2 aims to maintain and improve the capabilities and competitiveness of the participating States' industry in the global market for satellite navigation and, more broadly, PNT technologies and services. As this Element of NAVISP is to support industry initiatives, activities are co-funded between ESA and industry.
Element 3: Support to Member States
NAVISP Element 3 aims to support national PNT strategies by providing support per country and possibly per domain for the development and promotion of products, applications and services based on GNSS and, more broadly, PNT systems to foster national and international cooperation. The activities under Element 3 are fully funded by ESA.


The main goal of NAVISP is to generate innovative concepts, techniques, technologies and systems linked to the PNT sector in the highly competitive and evolving global market for PNT technologies. We do this by helping companies develop their PNT Solutions from research and development to Commercialization. Successful Applicants receive:

  • Zero-equity funding (from €60k to €2M per activity)
  • A personalized ESA consultant.
  • Technical and commercial guidance.
  • Access to our network of partners.
  • Trustworthiness of the ESA brand.


You can apply for ESA NAVISP Support and funding through one of our three Elements:

Competitive Tenders– Element 1
You submit your proposal in response to one of our regular open competitions. These are directed at a specific problem or opportunity identified by ESA. Competitive tenders are open for a limited time. Each application received is assessed in competition with other proposal applications

Open Call for Proposals – Element 2
You propose your ideas directly to ESA, setting out the opportunity you wish to pursue.  These applications will each be assessed on their own value.

Open Call for Proposals – Element 3
You propose your ideas directly to ESA, setting out the opportunity you wish to pursue.  These applications will each be assessed on their own value

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