Trusted Radionavigation via Two-Way Ranging

Trusted Radionavigation via Two-Way Ranging

The activity will develop a demonstration of secure radionavigation based on verifiable multilateration using existing wireless communication networks (e.g. 3G, LTE, WiFi). The platform will be based on a reconfigurable RF transceiver, complemented with software-defined radio communication functionality. Further evolution of the concept may seek to integrate space-based communication infrastructure (such as a HTS, or Iridium).

The result of the activity is expected to deliver a functional proof-of-concept of two-way ranging techniques to provide enhanced secure positioning. A prototype will support testing, thereby assessing suitability and limitations of current communication infrastructure, and offering insight into how future generations of communication standards could evolve to enable complementary secure ground or space-based PNT.


Prime contractor

Space Systems Finland Ltd

Name: Space Systems Finland Ltd

Country: Finland



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