001- MarRINav (Maritime Resilience and Integrity of Navigation)

001- MarRINav (Maritime Resilience and Integrity of Navigation)

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL3-001

Start date: 09/01/2019

The activity is now completed. To find a copy of the project abstract with the main conclusions and recommendations, click here.

The MarRINav (Maritime Resilience and Integrity of Navigation) project proposes activities in the UK national interest to lay the foundations for the UK’s future CNI for maritime and wider sectors in respect of Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) resilience and integrity (R&I). Following two major UK government reports (Blackett and London Economics) during 2017/18 into the impact and mitigation of GNSS vulnerabilities, the proposed activities align with and inform the UK government’s development of policy and plans. The proposal considers the combination of GPS/European GNSS (Galileo and EGNOS) with complementary terrestrial PNT technologies. The aim is to explore a system-of-systems solution primarily for maritime PNT R&I, but with applicability to other sectors: multi-modal transport and logistics, emergency response, security, financial services, power distribution and telecommunications.

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NLA International Ltd

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The University of Nottingham

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London Economics

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GLA Research and Development (GRAD)

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University College London

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