003 - GNSS vulnerability & mitigation in Czech Republic

003 - GNSS vulnerability & mitigation in Czech Republic

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL3-003

Start date: 01/11/2019

The project "GNSS vulnerability & mitigation in Czech Republic" was managed and conducted by the GNSS Centre of Excellence (GCE) together with its partners Huld and the Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (VUS). The high-level objective of the project was to support Czech and Slovak activities related to the GNSS vulnerability and mitigation with a focus on the national critical infrastructure (CI).

First, a complex overview of the use and dependence on GNSS in CI was created. This activity involved not only desk research but also direct engagement with selected CI operators from multiple sectors of CI. Furthermore, an analysis elaborating on the potential impact of GNSS RFI on each CI sector was created, providing a scope of the threat GNSS RFI presents. The potential impact of GNSS RFI is then complemented by a worldwide unique archive of major GNSS interference events impacting the operation of a variety of CI sectors.

In order to assess the magnitude of GNSS RFI, 6 monitoring campaigns in the proximity of critical infrastructure were conducted. The monitoring campaigns were carried out at airports Prague and Brno, on the Czech D1 and Slovak R1 motorways, at a lock on the Elbe River, and at one of the nodes of the Czech Electricity Transmission System. The results showed that GNSS interference is a daily occurrence near both Czech and Slovak critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, in cooperation with CI operators, 5 testing campaigns evaluating the resilience of selected critical infrastructure systems were conducted. Specifically, systems in the sectors of Aviation, Inland waterway transport, Rail transport, and Communication and Information networks were tested. Using real GNSS jammers and spoofers, different scenarios were safely performed to assess resilience and recommend countermeasures.

Based on the knowledge acquired throughout all project activities a set of 18 recommendations for CI operators and state bodies was formulated, creating the first stepping stone in building the resilience of CI in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The proposed recommendations will contribute to the increase of safety, resiliency and reliability of critical infrastructure.

Finally, a project website dedicated to the topic of GNSS RFI was created. The intent of the website is to attract primarily additional CI operators and educate them about the threat of GNSS jamming, and ways to become more resilient. The website will remain active and updated even after the project’s end.

Prime contractor

GNSS Centre of Excellence

Name: GNSS Centre of Excellence

Country: Czech Republic

Website: http://gnss-centre.cz/en/


Huld s.r.o.

Name: Huld s.r.o.

Country: Czech Republic

Website: https://huld.io/


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