003 - GNSS vulnerability & mitigation in Czech Republic

003 - GNSS vulnerability & mitigation in Czech Republic

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL3-003

Start date: 01/11/2019

Duration: 24 Months

The project "GNSS vulnerability & mitigation in Czech Republic " is developed by the GNSS Centre of Excellence (GCE) together with the Space Systems Czech (SSC). The High-level objective of the project is to support Czech Republic’s activities related to the GNSS/PNT vulnerability. This will be fulfilled by two specific objectives (SO), namely: (SO1) to create a complex overview of (critical) infrastructure dependency on GNSS/PNT and (SO2) to prepare recommendations of mitigation measures against GNSS/PNT to particular stakeholders and governmental institutions. These objectives will be fulfilled by four outcomes of the project: (1) Overview and description of stakeholders using GNSS/PNT and infrastructure operators relying on GNSS/PNT, (2) Detailed analysis of the vulnerability per specific infrastructure operator, (3) On field validation of GNSS/PNT threats on infrastructure operator, (4) Mitigation measures - recommendations for increase protection against threats.

Prime contractor

GNSS Centre of Excellence

Name: GNSS Centre of Excellence

Country: Czech Republic

Website: http://gnss-centre.cz/en/


Space Systems Czech

Name: Space Systems Czech

Country: Czech Republic

Website: http://www.ssf.fi/ssc/

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