012 - P-Car

012 - P-Car

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL3-012

Start date: 15/03/2021

Duration: 36 Months

The objective of P-CAR is to realize a PNT laboratory for testing and validation of Connected Autonomous Driving functions in synergy with the EMERGE project under development in the Abruzzo Region. The accredited laboratories are essential facilities to support the certification process and, similarly to the rail domain, P-CAR aims to fill this gap for the automotive applications by developing the core technologies for a future accredited public PNT Centres in Italy.

A priority will be the exploitation of GALILEO and 5G – two strategic assets for PNT positioning in the automotive ecosystem. P-CAR will conceive and implement a novel approach based on a virtualized cloud-based platform to create a geo-distributed simulation and verification infrastructure that connects remotely to GNSS centres of excellence.

P-CAR is in-line with several italian national policy actions and strategic plans in the sector of automotive, space economy and industry 4.0

Prime contractor

Radiolabs Consortium

Name: Radiolabs Consortium

Country: Italy

Website: https://www.radiolabs.it

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