002 - CyTEF: Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation Facility

002 - CyTEF: Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation Facility

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL3-002

Start date: 03/02/2020

The Cybersecurity Test & Evaluation Facility (CyTEF) primary goal is to provide cybersecurity research, test and evaluation services which address the changing threat landscape to the Space and Air Transportation Systems in Belgium, and most particularly possible, state-of-the-art  cyber-attacks on UAS command-and-control, payload data and navigation systems. CyTEF will be deployed and demonstrated in Redu (Belgium), integrated with a dedicated Belgian industrial foothold and the DronePort UAS aerodrome with segregated airspace available, and will represent the Belgian solution (first of its kind in Europe ) to address the security threats and unlock the huge market of drone powered services. CyTEF develops in the context of ESEC and exploits the experience of the consortium in the cybersecurity for space related applications

Prime contractor

Royal Military Academy Patrimony

Name: Royal Military Academy Patrimony

Country: Belgium

Website: http://www.rma.ac.be


RHEA Group

Name: RHEA Group

Country: Belgium

Website: https://www.rheagroup.com

M3 Systems Belgium

Name: M3 Systems Belgium

Country: Belgium

Website: https://www.m3systems.eu


Name: Unifly

Country: Belgium

Website: https://www.unifly.aero


Name: Airobot

Country: Belgium

Website: https://www.airobot.eu

Telespazio Belgium

Name: Telespazio Belgium

Country: Belgium

Website: https://www.telespazio.be/


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