010 - ICING

010 - ICING

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL3-010

Start date: 17/08/2020

Duration: 36 Months

Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) information is widely used for a range of critical services. The main sources for PNT information are GNSS satellites. The RF signals provided by the GNSS satellites covers wide areas but are quite weak and vulnerable to unintentional or intentional interference. This has been experienced in Norway.

The aim of this project is the testing of a novel concept for utilizing the suggested VDE-SAT frequency band allocations to offer a purpose-designed ranging signal, to serve as an independent source of PNT for maritime navigation. 

The NorSat-TD satellite will be a test platform for investigating the feasibility of using VDE-SAT for ranging. A single VDE-SAT ranging signal also has a potential for complimenting terrestrial platforms used for independent PNT such as R-mode. 

The purpose of the tests is to measure pseudo range accuracy and availability. This can form a basis for estimating PNT performance a multiple source solution using GNSS satellites, VDES satellites and terrestrial VDES infrastructures.

Prime contractor

Space Norway AS

Name: Space Norway AS

Country: Norway

Website: https://spacenorway.no/


Kongsberg Seatex

Name: Kongsberg Seatex

Country: Norway

Website: https://www.kongsberg.com/

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