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Kongsberg Seatex

Kongsberg Seatex is part of Kongsberg Gruppen ASA who is a leading global technology corporation delivering mission-critical solutions with extreme performance for customers that operate under extremely challenging conditions. The group has fulfilled demanding customers’ needs and adapted to changing market conditions throughout its proud 200-year-old history. The company is majority-owned by the Government of Norway, through the Ministry of Industry and Fishery, and is listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: KOG). KONGSBERG consists of four business areas: Kongsberg Maritime (KM), Kongsberg Discovery (KD), Kongsberg Digital (KDI), and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA).

Kongsberg Seatex is a leading international marine electronics manufacturer specializing in the development and production of precision positioning and motion sensing systems. The company is committed to providing products and solutions for safe navigation and operations at sea in the commercial offshore, maritime, hydrographic and defense industries.

In a constantly changing market environment, Kongsberg Discovery is serving the ocean space from the deepest sea to the outer space. We know and understand the challenges the world is facing in the sustainability area, and we will continuously develop solutions and products that are key to understand environmental implications on the ocean ecosystem as well as solving operational challenges. With decades of in-house competence and experience we are a trusted technology partner for our customers.

Kongsberg Discovery AS – Seatex (KSX) is a division in the Kongsberg Discovery business area. Division Seatex develops and supplies products and solutions for accurate positioning, communication, motion measurement and situational awareness for applications such as navigation and maneuvering, offshore oil and gas, marine seismic, hydrography, surveying, maritime transport, autonomous ships, as well as communications and positioning infrastructure and NewSpace satellite payloads for maritime applications. The division Seatex makes products within seven product areas: inertial solutions, perception systems, navigation and infrastructure, dynamic positioning ref. systems, communication solutions, marine seismic positioning & control, and space systems.

KSX has been involved in several development projects (ESA and non-ESA) regarding navigation solutions for the Arctic region utilizing VDE-SAT:
  • R-mode Baltic with DLR and maritime partners in the Baltic region.
  • VNADS is an ESA project to develop a VDES pre-operational demonstration for navigation augmentation and VHF maritime spectrum monitoring.
  • AMNAS is an ESA project devoted to analysing the provision of augmentation data (SBAS and ARAIM) to mariners using VDE-SAT to improve availability and integrity for navigation in the Arctic area. The AMNAS project indicates that VDE-SAT is capable of supporting GNSS augmentation to users in the Arctic area. The results of this project will be shared with the international standards bodies which are developing VDES.
  • VDE testbed (ESA) developed a VDE test platform that is used to validate VDE ground and space-based solutions.
  • In the VSBT project (ESA), maritime VDE terminals capable of receiving VDE -SAT signals are developed.
  • The SBVT project (ESA) develops a VDE transceiver EM that will be the baseline for the HW provided on NorSat-TD and further developed in ICING.

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