WAY4WARD is an Italian innovative start-up company, founded in 2020, that combines the skills and expertise of a large company with the passion and ability to innovate of a user centered design lean organization. Enhancing the almost 30 years’ experience of its founder in Space technologies, the company offers products and integrated solutions in the New Space domain (e.g. with the use of GNSS and Copernicus) through innovative artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning and big data analysis.

The company is currently active, in different market domains, in the following application domains:

Positioning, Navigation & Time: in different market domains like Maritime, Infrastructures & Construction, Rail, Automotive, UAVs, Agriculture, we are working in developing products and solutions in the following technology’s areas:

  • Robustness and security of positioning systems: e.g. we developed a proprietary GNSS Spoofing Detection Function, based on AI, to be integrated in our Enhanced positioning system to provide accurate and trustable position information even under spoofing attacks;
  • Sensors’ data fusion: e.g. we are developing multi-sensor localization and awareness (e.g. with Dynamic GeoFencing) solutions based on the use of GNSS, IMU, Magnetometer, Barometer, UWB and Camera input data;
  • Integrated AI Applications: e.g. we are developing integrated algorithms with AI and a bank of Kalman Filters to autonomously adapt the solution to the operational conditions;

Earth Observation: using different technologies (e.g. optical, SAR, InSAR, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, …) in different application domains like Maritime (e.g. illegal fishing monitoring, see level monitoring, …), agriculture, disaster monitoring (e.g. landslide monitoring, flooding monitoring, …) and climate and environmental monitoring (e.g. air pollution, oil spilling, …);

Integrated Applications: by using combination of EO-based and GNSS-based (and also SatCom-based) technologies, we design and develop integrated solutions for different application domains like agriculture (e.g. location based information for on-field inspection), disaster monitoring (e.g. local high-accurate landslide/avalanche monitoring & alerting system), urban development & planning, solar arrays monitoring, etc…

WAY4WARD is also implementing the NeXus Laboratory (located in Lucca, Italy) that act as a bridge from innovation to applications. NeXus Lab specifically includes a geodetic reference station with RTK-base capability and a server for AI technologies development.

Point of contact
Franco Gottifredi

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