AKKODIS ITALY, who has the main office in Corso Enrico Tazzoli, 215/12b, 10137 Turin, is the engineering consultancy and turnkey projects company of the AKKODIS group. AKKODIS Italy is a key partner for Italian industrial leaders in the Automotive, Railway, Aeronautics, Space & Defense, Life Sciences, Telecom & Media, Iron & Steel and Oil & Gas sectors. Specific teams, in each area of specialization, offer high-level expertise in consultancy, engineering and design expertise, supporting strategic decisions and on-site project management. With a deep knowledge of each sector of activity and a concrete ability to create innovation, AKKODIS Italy offers customers effective values, for a continuous updating and improvement of technologies, as well as for the development, design and production of specific systems and products. Through acquisitions and growth of internal know-how we became the first choice of our customers to guide them in the challenges of technological innovation and competitiveness on the national and international market.

The local network of Delivery Centers allows us to provide fully customized solutions, tailored to the needs of our partners in the IT, Engineering and Life Sciences sectors:

  • Mobile and Web business applications and tasks concerning architecture analysis and design, UX and UI design, backend development, frontend development and development of on premises and cloud solutions;
  • Embedded Systems projects concerning the analysis and definition of system, product, software and hardware level requirements, the analysis and design of system, product, software and hardware architecture, GUI development, processing systems of images, Safety Critical applications, communication interfaces in line with the main industry sector standards, Signal Processing HW, Power Electronics HW, development of microcontroller boards, FPGA design and development, Test and Prototyping;
  • Autonomous Vehicles focused activities, concerning sensors (sensor screening, qualitative and interface tests, installation on vehicle and vehicle positioning), V2X (development of HW units for communication between vehicles and with the infrastructure, development of software for control system for data management), Data Fusion (collection of data and relative correction to place the elements acquired temporally and spatially, solving problems of inconsistency between the sources by creating the electronic description of the surrounding environment) Planning (planning software of vehicle trajectories based on data from Data Fusion), Implementation (development of ad hoc hardware solutions for the management of actuators, installation and creation of control boards and software), having strong skills in Vehicle Dynamics, Model Based Design, C++, Automotive Ethernet, CAN bus. The activities are managed according to the methodologies and processes defined by international safety standards (ISO 26262) and project management (in line with the standard defined by the Project Management Institute) and rely on the internal Software Factory. Our teams can count on a deep knowledge of the world of embedded systems, which ranges from the creation of drivers for peripherals, to rapid prototyping on microcontroller boards, up to AUTOSAR applications;
  • Test Factory tasks, in which we deliver various testing activities on third software. Our teams can count on a deep knowledge of the testing world coming from a long experience in the field and from the continuous training provided internally to our employees. The test approaches applied by our Test Factory follow the international standards related to requirements engineering (IREB) and Software Testing (ISTQB);
  • Industry 4.0 involvement, in which our knowledge of smart technologies allows us to support our customers in the various stages of digital transformation. Our teams are involved in both smart technologies and characteristic processes of the manufacturing world (Cloud Manufacturing, Industrial Analytics, Industrial IOT, Advanced HMI, Advanced Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Smart Lifecycle, Smart Supply Chain, Smart Factory);
  • Computer System Validation & Quality Assurance Pharma activities, concerning the analysis of processes according to GxP & Data Integrity regulations, the analysis of Quality Management processes and support in ordinary and extraordinary management, the analysis and definition of software requirements newly implemented or updated, the execution of the entire Computer System Validation process (from the management of the requirements to the drafting of all the supporting documentation, up to the execution of the field tests), the risk analysis of processes, modifications, new implementations of systems, machines and processes, analysis of the integrity of paper and electronic data with analysis of corrective actions and support in their implementation, Project Management and specialized Training;
  • Mechanical Design (planning, drawing and calculation of mechanical systems, testing and validation of electromechanical components and systems) activities involving industrial design, automation, plant engineering, robotics and all activities that contribute to the construction of machines, prototypes and systems, as well as specific electromechanical testing systems, up to the use of advanced 3D printing systems for plastics and metals.

AKKODIS Italy also runs an IT and Engineering Academy aimed mainly at recent graduates but also at recent high school graduated. The Academy aims to bridge the gap between university preparation and the skills required by companies in the IT and Engineering sector. In the Academy, after passing a selection process that includes telephone interviews, group assessments and individual interviews, learners follow an intensive training course for a period that on average lasts four or five weeks. The training modules are managed in partnership with leading companies in the sector and focus on areas and technologies expressly required on the market. During 2020 AKKODIS Italy activated 27 Academies such as Data Analyst, SAS Data Scientist, Software Engineering, Java Developer, Frontend Developer, PHP Developer and Cyber Security, involving about 150 people with technical-scientific profiles mainly IT and IT engineering, but also math and physics.

AKKODIS since January 2023, has incorporated Modis Consulting through a merger process that will allow it to become the new global reality of engineering and digital solutions able to meet the needs of customers all over the world and seize the opportunities generated by the rapidly expanding sector such as that of the Smart Industry, in which IT and engineering technologies converge in a digital and connected world. The new reality intends to position itself in the engineering and digital sectors with 50,000 engineers and tech experts.

Point of contact
Sara Toticchi (Sara.toticchi@adeccogroup.com)

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