TOPVIEW S.R.L. is an Innovative SME of UAS Engineering founded in 2013. Initially oriented towards the creation of proprietary drones, today the company's mission aims to the integration of drones into companies' processes and VLL airspace. The core business consists of two macro-areas:

  • Drone system integration. Design and implementation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for the optimization of business processes. TopView can design both the entire system and payloads with specific sensors to be integrated with existing systems of the company.
  • U-space and digital aviation: digital products and services for the in-flight safety of UAS and general aviation.

Added to this is the activity carried out as a UAS Operator for aerial inspections and optical and thermographic surveys even in critical situations, in which the authorization of ENAC is required.

Over the years the company has designed and built complex systems, from hardware to software, integrating specific sensors connected to the network (Internet of Things).

The company enters the market in 2014 with PV-Watch©, the first inspection service of photovoltaic systems with drone, presented at the Solar Expo in Milan. In the same year the company received authorization from ENAC for experimental activities, starting in 2015 to provide the first services with its fleet of drones.

As a UAS operator it has also been certified according to the BNUC-STM standard. In 2015 it received the first research co-funding from the Horizon 2020 program, with the EASY-PV project, aimed at reducing the costs of the PV-Watch service. Since then, Topview has been involved in numerous European and national co-financed projects by various organizations, including non-national ones. TopView together with Leonardo, ENAV, IDS, EuroUSC Italia has been participating since 2016 in the definition of U-space, the set of services aimed at regulating the safe and efficient access of drones in European airspace. Over the years TopView has gained specific expertise on EGNSS - Galileo, both in U-space projects and in those specifically oriented to the issues of GNSS services.

In 2020, despite the effects of the pandemic on the national and international scene, the company consolidated its mission with new research projects and consulting services, and with an important strategic collaboration agreement with Telespazio and D-flight (ENAV). Thanks to these research and development efforts and the know-how acquired, in 2021 TopView was the first company to concretely adhere to the "U-space Manifesto" launched by D-Flight, the national provider of unmanned air traffic management services. It has in fact released a first beta version of Pollicino ™, the proprietary drone tracker that allows drones to interface with the U-space services of the national provider, promoting situational awareness and safety of operations in VLL (Very Low Level) airspace. Internal R&D activities also include Urban Air Mobility, with the creation of a patented project of a taxi drone for passenger transport.

TopView has a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015 since the end of 2021.

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