CAMALIOT App opens up new Opportunities for Weather Monitoring based on Collaborative Crowdsourcing

Last Updated: 25/03/2022 07:56     Created at: 24/03/2022 15:33

The growing number of IoT GNSS devices, the expansion of ground-based networks of fixed GNSS receivers, and the availability of GNSS spaceborne receivers have led to the increasing availability of GNSS products & Big Data. This opens new opportunities for improving PNT data processing, e.g., through effective crowdsourcing of GNSS data, which has recently flourished in several scientific disciplines (e.g., space weather, water vapour measurement, geo-hazard detection). 
Crowdsourced GNSS Big Data repositories offer a unique opportunity to apply innovative machine learning techniques to characterize multiple error sources, providing a unique opportunity to identify singularities and correlations. 
The consortium working on this NAVISP Element 1 project is led by ETH Zurich. The EL1-038 CAMALIOT project is funded by NAVISP and aims to develop a smartphone application for weather monitoring based on collaborative crowdsourcing to create new weather prediction models for Earth and space.
So, download the CAMALIOT app,  turn your phone into a space monitoring tool and help us collect data for machine learning analysis of meteorology and space weather patterns!!!
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