EL3-activity MarRINav featured in GPS World!

The Element 3 activity MarRINav was recently featured in an article of GPS World. 

The article says that among the MarRINavs findings we can find that:

  • The United Kingdom needs a comprehensive maritime PNT architecture with multiple, diverse sources to ensure continuity of maritime operations
  • Such a “hybrid solution” could benefit other sectors, especially if non-maritime needs were considered early in the design
  • New PNT systems should be terrestrial and sovereign
  • Establishing such a system for the UK has a very positive benefit to cost ratio
  • Important aspects of the new architecture are E-GNSS (Galileo and EGNOS), Enhanced Loran (eLoran) and the Ranging Mode (R-Mode) of the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES), and complemented by the development of a specific Maritime Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (M-RAIM) algorithm.
  • LOCATA or a similar local positioning system should be implemented at UK ports to provide a backup for container operations.
  • Satelles Satellite Time and Location may have potential, but its utility has yet to be demonstrated for maritime.

The Royal Institute of Navigation and the Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation are partnering to present a Webinar about MarRINav on the 25th of June.

To read more and find the register to the webinar, please click here