Munich Satellite Navigation Summit – Germany doubles the funding for NAVISP Phase 3

Last Updated: 26/03/2024 13:32     Created at: 26/03/2024 13:32

The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit took place from March 20th to March 22nd, 2024, with the theme "GNSS MEETS FRIENDS IN NEW ORBITS – POTENTIALS AND SYNERGIES!" Featuring distinguished speakers from industry, science, and institutions worldwide, the summit offered participants diverse insights into the latest advancements in in satellite navigation and the wider PNT domain.
Over the course of three days, attendees had the opportunity to attend insightful sessions covering topics such as "Discovering the Low-Earth Orbit for PNT and Beyond," "Impact of Interference and Monitoring form Space" and "Views from Receiver Manufacturers." Moreover, a diverse exhibition featured institutional and industry participants, along with innovative products and services in the field of PNT and GNSS.

Among the highlighted programmes at the exhibition was ESA’s Navigation Innovation and Support Programme NAVISP. Numerous projects from NAVISP received attention during conference sessions, and the programme, along with its opportunities and achievements, was showcased in a dedicated presentation.

During the collaborative presentation by the NAVISP team and DLR, Dr. Alexander Weiss of the German Space Agency officially declared that Germany is going to double its NAVISP contribution for phase 3. This significant development reflects the programme's success and underscores stakeholders' strong interest and commitment to driving innovation and competitiveness in the PNT domain. 

With this increased funding, opportunities for enhanced research, development, and collaboration are expected to expand, fostering greater advancements in PNT technologies and their applications. Additionally, the augmented investment demonstrates Germany's recognition of the strategic importance of PNT initiatives and its dedication to maintaining a leading role in this rapidly evolving field.
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