Assessment of Effectiveness of NAVISP Phase 1 and Recommendations for Phase 2

Following the success of NAVISP’s first years, we have decided to propose a NAVISP phase 2 for Space19+.
In order to support the NAVISP phase 2 preparation, we have set up the Navigation Innovation and Support Programme Advisory Committee (NAVAC).

NAVAC is a committee of senior external experts established in October 2018 by the ESA Director of Navigation to advise on the objectives, strategy and relevant technological priorities of NAVISP. If you would like to know more of NAVAC and its members you can read more here.
The NAVAC report is dedicated to the NAVISP phase 1 effectiveness together with phase 2 recommendations. The report is presented by the NAVAC members on September 11th
This report will be highly beneficial for the assessment of NAVISP’s importance in the European PNT landscape and in the preparation for Space19+.

Please find the report here and the presentation of the report here.