NAVISP Participated in the Deep-Tech Atelier conference

The Deep Tech Atelier conference was held between the 14-16 of April in virtual format from Riga, Latvia. The conference is dedicated to deep tech startup creation and further development where interested parties ranging from entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, industry representatives, investors, government and public organizations engage in this practical hand-on workshop type conference to share ideas and produce tangible outcomes.


The NAVISP Presentation first introduced what NAVISP is, its motivation, its objectives and what it can offer to the participants. The presentation indicated the importance of PNT and how it is a key enabler for many future challenges including Industry 4.0, smart agriculture and automated vehicles and emphasized the need for a wide range of expertise in order to achieve Ubiquitous PNT solutions. Additionally, the nature of actors involved in NAVISP and the PNT market sectors they serve were highlighted along with the Structure of the NAVISP Program and examples of the projects in each element.


The NAVISP presentation was preceded by two other ESA Presentations. The first one focusing on the future perspectives of space business in Europe given by the DG of ESA and the second presentation discussed how businesses can be powered by space solutions such as Navigation, Earth observation and Telecommunications, which was given by Frank Maxmilian Salzgeber the head of innovation and ventures office at ESA.

Please click here to watch the NAVISP presentation and here for other presentations from the conference.