NAVISP event on 18/10/2021! Register for Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) Final Presentation!

Indra Navia AS has been developing Ground Based Augmentation System Approach Service Type D ("GAST D" in short) ground station technology since 2010. This ground station was installed at various airports, and has been successfully operating during long-term flight tests. In order to bring the product to market, the effort was focused on verifying the system performance. In fact, safety critical navigation infrastructure for navigation in the extremely critical phases of approach and landing, is subject to extreme rigor in development and verification processes. The letter D indicates that the system is approved for landing in almost zero visibility conditions.

The presentation will show the technical monitoring capabilities that were developed to provide the required integrity for GAST-D operations.

Please find the Agenda of the Final Presentation here, and the registration link here.