On December the 10 th , 2021, NAVISP industry experts show a way to monitor threats in the PNT domain. Register for the Final Presentation of the National Position Navigation and Timing Cyber- Response Center project!

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The goal of the National Position Navigation and Timing Cyber-Response Center (PNTCRC) activity was the development of a center capable of discovering, storing and distributing security threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigations associated to Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) services, with particular emphasis to the GNSS technology.

The PNTCRC manages different types of threats:
• Threats discovered and assessed through laboratory equipment;
• Real-time geographical alerts provided by sensors connected to the center;
• Threats linked to a database of geo-referenced reports of observed issues associated to PNT services.

The PNTCRC represents a new approach to global PNT security covering all needs, from device testing to on-field detection and context awareness.
The high-level PNTCRC architecture includes the PNTCRC Core (providing the main functionalities of the system), External Sensors (interference monitoring stations capable of detecting and reporting to the PNTCRC the threats), Customers (the users subscribed to the PNTCRC service) and External Centers (research centers that collaborate with the PNTCRC).
Within the activity, all the elements of the PNTCRC Core have been implemented.

Please find the Agenda of the Final Presentation here, and the registration link here.