NAVISP projects on Integrity presented at the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM)

NAVISP was presented at the plenary session of the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) Special Committee 134 (SC134), held on 27 September 2021. The focus was put on the various activities linked to the subject of SC134 (Integrity for High Accuracy GNSS-Based Applications). Indeed many projects running under NAVISP investigate how integrity help engineers achieve proof of safety in autonomous vehicles, through its implementation in sensor fusion, and its validation in safety-critical systems, including the use of simulators. Outcomes of the activities can support standardization work of SC134 to pave the way to applications requiring high accuracy bounded with the necessary integrity. Sectors addressed are not only maritime, but also road and rail transportation, and UAV.
The NAVISP Programme was very much appreciated by the Committee which has proposed to explore the possibility of a cooperation agreement with ESA to exploit the various NAVISP opportunities.
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