The future of antennas for next-generation mass-market devices. Results presented of the successful development of a new antenna that may disrupt the high-end mass market.

Last Updated: 02/12/2021 11:27     Created at: 02/12/2021 11:27

On Tuesday November 30, 2021, Teleorbit GmbH, together with Frauenhofer IIS, has presented the results of the NAVISP project “Advanced Multi-Frequency Low-Cost High-Gain GNSS Antennas for next generation of Mass-Market Devices”, also called AMELIE.

As part of NAVISP Element 1, which aims to develop innovative concepts, techniques, technologies, and systems related to the PNT sector along the entire value chain, AMELIE's main objective was to develop and test a new type of antenna with higher gain and wider band to enable more precise and more available PNT applications even in harsh environments.

To this end, the project was divided into five main tasks. First, the operating frequency ranges had to be defined by critically reviewing the requirements for dual and multi-frequency ranges. This was followed by the development and design of a multi-frequency antenna prototype with four linearly polarized antenna chips. The procurement and manufacturing of mock-up devices followed, along with measurements and field tests of the various antenna characteristics to evaluate amplification, selectivity, and radiation patterns in different scenarios. Finally, a critical review and detailed design was conducted, determining the best characteristics of the antenna parameters. Due to the low cost design, the high gain and multi frequency feature, the design has promising market opportunities for high performance mass market devices as for example smartphones, drones, automotive, and more general the IOT segment. 

Due to the successful cooperation with NAVISP, Teleorbit and Frauenhofer IIS may be able to develop a stand-alone antenna product in the next few months, while a product integrated into the first mass market devices might follow afterwards.

More detailed information can be found in the slides of the Final Presentation