Success for the first NAVISP Industry Days

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More than 140 people attended the event, appraising the results reached after only two years of operational life of the Programme. More than 90 separate activities being undertaken, and approximately 65% of the budget of the first phase already engaged. For phase two of NAVISP the aim is to double the budget, based on the level of interest.

The intervention of the DG focused on the main benefits of the Programme and the plans for SPACE19+. The members of NAVAC were invited to give dedicated speeches. A selection of activities was presented by Technical Officers and representatives of the relevant companies, showing how the NAVISP programmatic framework allows innovative activities of highly versified nature.

If you would like to read more about the event, further information can be found here  

Joint Q&A session for Element 1


Christophe Taillander (FDC)

Giorgio Solari (ESA)

Pierluigi Mancini (ESA)

Andy Proctor (Innovate UK)

Luis Mayo (NAVAC)

Debriefing with the French Delegation

Roger McKinlay (NAVAC)