Satellite-derived Time and Position: A Study of Critical Dependencies

The UK Government Office for Science published  a study on the economic impact to UK public and private sector of a disruption to GNSS functionalities up to 5 days. 

"This independent review represents a vital step in understanding the UK’s dependency on GNSS and recommends to Government a number of measures to improve UK resilience. Importantly, it also recognises that innovation will be key to realising, fully and safely, the economic and societal benefits offered by GNSS" writes Oliver Dowden, Minister for Implementation in the foreword of the report.

You can find here the report.

At the Royal National Institute of Navigation Conference held in Brighton in November 2017 as well as at the last Navigation Programme Board with ESA Member States National Delegations held on February 8th, Andy Proctor, chair of UK Government PNT Group, presented the relevant results of the study and the role of NAVISP.

You can find here the presentation.