068 - GR765 Hi-Speed Serial Links

068 - GR765 Hi-Speed Serial Links

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-068

Start date: 01/11/2020

Duration: 24 Months

Following GR740 LEON4FT microprocessor, Cobham Gaisler is implementing improvements to launch a new component GR765. In order to broaden its use for many applications and to improve next generation advanced GNSS receivers for spacecraft, this project consists of implementation of functionality to enable communication using hi-speed serial links and interfaces dedicated to extend GR765 with external accelerators. This would enable a new GNSS Rx architecture giving flexibility and cost savings.
Today’s evolution towards multi-core architectures enable implementation of processing for various functions, e.g. GNSS receivers, into the central computer. This will increase the market fit of hi-speed serial links to/from the GR765.
The meteo community is asking for a large amount of measurements through GNSS Radio Occultation. A GR765 with hi-speed serial links can enable a future architecture with very compact hardware at low cost.

Prime contractor

Cobham Gaisler AB

Name: Cobham Gaisler AB

Country: Sweden

Website: https://www.cobhamaes.com/gaisler

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