085 - SAR PLB+AIS Beacon

085 - SAR PLB+AIS Beacon

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-085

Start date: 02/11/2020

Duration: 18 Months

The goal is to comibe the 2 complementry distress function inside one compact and waterproof hardware so that it can be intergrated into a compact life-vst for marine safety of sailors. Syilinks will then be the first beacon supplier in the world to propose this fuction providing: PLB 1G + RLS: the ultimate alert, in all locations (satellite distress) AIS-MOB: the proximity alter at sea, quick rescue from nearby vessels altered on their AIS receivers.

Prime contractor



Country: France

Website: https://www.syrlinks.com/

Last Updated: 06/10/2021 10:19