008 - GIDAS (GNSS Interference Detection & Analysis System)

008 - GIDAS (GNSS Interference Detection & Analysis System)

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-El2-008

Start date: 15/01/2018

To find a presentation summarizing the now completed activity, click here and to find a video, click here.

The GNSS Interference Detection and Analysis System (GIDAS) enables a continuous 24/7 monitoring of the GNSS frequency bands within a defined region to automatically detect, classify and localize intentional interference by means of jamming and spoofing.
GIDAS is a scalable and flexible, it can be used as standalone monitoring station for interference detection and classification, but can be upgraded to a more complex network of stations which allows interference detection, classification and interferer localisation. The system works autonomous and is designed to be easily deployed.

GIDAS targets safety critical applications with either high-demands regarding interference monitoring (e.g. approach landing operations in the aviation sector, inland waterways navigation and automated container ports in the maritime sector) or less stringent requirements, like airfield calibration, taxi operations, railway crossings, structural monitoring or time & frequency synchronization). Also mission critical applications featuring dynamic applications (e.g. command & control systems in the rail domain, road user charging, or machine control) using GNSS information can be monitored using GIDAS.

A single monitoring station receives all visible civil GNSS signals and automatically detects and classifies sources of intentional interference within the GNSS signal band in real time. The flexible and configurable system allows the user, based on the use case, to define which signals and bands shall be monitored and to which extent by specifying detection thresholds and various other settings. Depending on the user needs GIDAS will provide different configurations, e.g. wideband monitoring of a single GNSS-frequency band with high signal dynamics, (narrow or wideband) multi-frequency band monitoring with either low or high signal dynamics.

For safety critical applications with high demands, the system is capable of estimating the interference location in 2D by joining several (at least three) monitoring stations. The system is fully user configurable through a dedicated graphical user interface and provides an alarming functionality in case of appearing intentional interference sources. All detected interference events are stored in a database together with a digital signal snapshot for post-processing and inspection purposes.

In order to reliably fulfill this task and meet all user requirements GIDAS provides the following features:

  • Continuous long-term monitoring in static and dynamic conditions
  • Real-time detection of interference, namely jamming and spoofing
  • Automatic classification of jamming signal parameters
  • Localization of interference sources based on monitoring network
  • Storage of all relevant information and raw data for each interference event
  • Real-time alerting capability using customized user-defined interfaces
  • Reporting of interference events
  • Remote control of the system
  • Customizability of the monitoring parameters
  • Easy operation of the system and integration into existing infrastructure

 The activity has been successful completed. The commercialization of the results is already ongoing.

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