002 - Galileo Public Authenticated Server-based Snapshot positIONing (G-PASSION)

002 - Galileo Public Authenticated Server-based Snapshot positIONing (G-PASSION)

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-002

Start date: 16/02/2018

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G-PASSION (Galileo Public Authenticated Server-based Snapshot positIONing) project is an innovative and competitive system in the Satellite Navigation and in the wider Positioning Navigation and Timing (PNT) domain.
The object of this proposal is the design and development of a system for a GNSS server-based position authentication service using the Galileo signal.

The system consists of the following 2 segments:


  • The user segment, which is any field user with a Localization Appliqué (i.e. a small device) that is able to interact with a GNSS COTS receiver (or Smartphone with GNSS capability), whose estimated PVT solution must be verified and authenticated. The user also needs to be able to communicate with a remote server centre over a secure authenticated channel and able to send its encrypted raw IF Galileo E1 snapshot (digitalized, down-converted, IF signal before the tracking loops). Encrypted and secure terrestrial or broadband satellite (Ka/Ku bandwidth) links may be selected for remote communication. 
  • The ground segment is a remote server centre located in a secured known position estimated by a GNSS reference station (possibly a high level multi-constellation G-multi-frequency GNSS receiver part of a permanent GNSS network). The server also hosts an Authenticator Unit able to receive the raw IF snapshot and the non-verified PVT from the field user and judge if its position report is authentic. If it is authentic, the server sends a reply to the user including a positive PVT status flag and optionally information of augmentation, accuracy, integrity and quality of the service. Otherwise, if the non-verified PVT is not authentic (presence of interfering threats such as jamming, spoofing, meaconing or intrusion), the server shall send a negative PVT status flag within a prefixed time to alarm and optionally the estimated verified PVT of the user.

Prime contractor

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