113 - PONTI

113 - PONTI

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-113

Start date: 23/04/2022

Duration: 23 Months

PONTI system belongs to the category of the PNT User Segment (road transport) and is the evolution and completion of GAMBE. As its predecessor, PONTI is aimed at evaluating structures frequency characteristics (modal frequencies) able to indicate the structural status of a structure, but it completes GAMBE by adding high-performance devices and new processing algorithms to accelerometers and other sensors deployed in recent smartphones, geo-referenced by means of satellite navigation systems (GNSS). Its main elements are: 

  • PONTI App, the evolution of GAMBE App (both ANDROID and iOS versions), able to acquire data both from smartphones sensors, as GAMBE, and also from high-performance devices as PONTI Boxes; 
  • PONTI Box, a dedicated sensor box designed and tested according to automotive standards with a small form factor equipped with a high accuracy accelerometer; 
  • GAMBE Storage & Processing Centre Plus integrating the new type of acquisition data of PONTI and the new algorithm as follows; 
  • PONTI Algorithms able to process data coming both from GAMBE and PONTI. 


Prime contractor

Safe Structures Company (SSC)

Last Updated: 02/12/2022 11:10