123 - Assisted GNSS with Imaging sensors for Rail applications (AGIS4RAIL)

123 - Assisted GNSS with Imaging sensors for Rail applications (AGIS4RAIL)

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-123

Start date: 24/08/2022

AGIS4RAIL is a very innovative solution to obtain the train absolute position exploiting a multi-sensor platform based on GNSS.
AGIS4RAIL operates within ERTMS/ETCS signalling system, aiming at providing an economic solution to increase the efficiency of the traffic management. One main issue of the current system is represented by the Start of Mission (SOM) along the track. Infact, once the train loses its position, it has to move at low speed until it reads the next balise in order to re-establishing its position; after that the train can proceed at the expected speed. This process could lead to delays that are not negligible with respect to train separation, affecting also other trains in the line.
AGIS4RAIL acts as a gap filler to determine the train position without waiting for the next balise, reducing the time required to reach full speed.

Prime contractor

Intecs Solutions S.p.A.


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