143 - Self-Positioning Local Infrastructure with GNSS, UWB and WIFI RFT (SPLI)

143 - Self-Positioning Local Infrastructure with GNSS, UWB and WIFI RFT (SPLI)

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-143

Start date: 21/02/2023

Duration: 11 Months

Location has become an essential component of everyone’s life, particularly when it comes to travel, navigation, and mobility. Initially through the incorporation of GNSS and GNSS-enabled applications on the Smartphone; more and more it has been integrated into other everyday items, such as the Smart Car (Tesla etc.), real-time delivery tracking, bus route information, etc. In parallel with this, industrial and enterprise environments, which generally are denied GNSS coverage as they are typically indoor or with obscured line-of-sight to the sky, have fallen behind and have not benefitted from this hugely impactful data feed. To date, bespoke and multiple terrestrial technologies (Bluetooth, RFID, Wi-Fi, Ultra-wideband) have sought to incrementally alleviate this need, but generally have been built with technologies, and in a manner, that do not possess the necessary position, navigation, and timing (PNT) capabilities needed for massive scale deployment. Focusing on and building on the IT services layer within the Enterprise setting, the current project is focussed removing the need for dense infrastructure at an economic cost.

Prime contractor


Name: Danalto

Country: Ireland

Website: https://www.danalto.com

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