007 - Spacekeys

007 - Spacekeys

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-El2-007

Start date: 23/01/2018

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This project aims to develop a RAIM prediction system offering modern APIs and easy integration into any flight planning system as well as introducing new innovative features that will allow an aircraft operator to avoid areas of low GNSS accuracy already during the trajectory creation process. 

The product (a software) will offer the following functionalities:
- Predicting the accuracy of GNSS derived positions, 
- Predicting precision alerts of GNSS receivers in aircraft (RAIM prediction), 
- Ensuring flight trajectory planning compliant with regulations (e.g.: EASA-OPS), 
- Avoiding areas of insufficient position accuracy from GNSS in 4 dimensions, 
- Consideration of GNSS signal obstruction caused by high-elevation terrain for terminal and approach phases of flights; 

The product is developed in a clean sheet approach considering modern IT design patterns. It consists of a set of micro-services that form the entire software product. Modern high performance interfaces between the components as well as to external users are utilised. The product is written in Java and uses PostGRE SQL as backend database.

Prime contractor

Flightkeys GmbH

Name: Flightkeys GmbH

Country: Austria

Website: http://www.flightkeys.com/



Name: Integricom

Country: Netherlands

Website: http://www.integricom.nl/

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