183 - WISDOM

183 - WISDOM

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-183

Start date: 03/01/2024

Duration: 24 Months

WISDOM (Wise Integration of Satellites PNT tracking Data using OWL for collision avoidance Management) is providing the necessary technologies for collision avoidance, including positioning, tracking, inter-satellite communication, and autonomous decision-making capabilities in the absence of human intervention. The project will demonstrate it in orbit with a 6U satellite that separates into two 3U CubeSats, each platform equipped with GNSS, to showcase inter-satellite data exchange's usefulness in different collision avoidance scenarios. By empowering satellites to manage their collision avoidance proactively, WISDOM aims to enhance space traffic management and mitigate the risks associated with the growing number of orbiting objects. During the project, the consortium plans to demonstrate in a safe manner several possible use cases and avoidance solutions that may occur during the lifetime of a satellite. The product will allow several satellite manufacturers in the future to plan a safer mission with an easy-to-integrate subsystem and service with a proven heritage. The collaboration involves C3 LLC, a CubeSat platform provider, and Aurora Propulsion Technologies Oy, specializing in thrusters and plasma brakes for deorbiting. The Plasma Brake system, adapted for CubeSats, is currently at TRL5, targeting spacecraft in the 2 kg - 1000 kg range.

Prime contractor

C3S Electronics Development LLC.

Name: C3S Electronics Development LLC.

Country: Hungary

Website: https://c3s.hu/


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