153 - Ultra Low Power GPS-Galileo Receiver

153 - Ultra Low Power GPS-Galileo Receiver

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-153

Start date: 08/03/2024

Duration: 6 Months

In recent years, IoT applications have grown by leaps and bounds, however, due to its typically small physical size, only a small battery can fit inside a compact enclosure. This means energy usually comes at a high premium. Traditional GNSS chipsets consume too much energy, many IoT applications must either give up offering geolocation functions or suffer from short battery life.

For IoT applications, the single most important dimension of an ideal GNSS receiver is it must consume several orders of magnitude less power than traditional chipsets. The receiver must be able to operate for months with just a small battery.

This project focuses on developing an ultra low power multi-band GNSS receiver for power/cost conscious IoT applications.

Prime contractor

Baseband Technologies Inc.

Last Updated: 18/03/2024 09:09