168 - Secure Authentication Server (SCANS)

168 - Secure Authentication Server (SCANS)

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-168

Start date: 13/03/2024

Duration: 24 Months

The goal of this proposal is to develop a novel product named SeCure AutheNtication Server (SCANS) that would provide the CAS encrypted snippets for the corresponding period and encryption/decryption functions in a centralized secure server. This approach would permit to simplify the CAS user terminals thus facilitating the adoption of the CAS service. Main functionalities will be:

  • Galileo server-based authentication service (CAS/OSNMA) thus increasing protection against spoofing.
  • Secure server to ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality of keys, key management, key store, and cryptographic operations and algorithms.
  • Crypto agility to ensure long term effectiveness of the service anticipating future required cryptographic changes and facilitating the migration to post-quantum cryptographic algorithms.
  • User and server privacy-preserving cryptographic scheme to ensure confidentiality.
  • Common Criteria EAL2 certification to formally guarantee product security

Prime contractor

GMV Aerospace & Defence S.A.U.

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