042 - GEONAV

042 - GEONAV

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-042

Start date: 09/11/2018

GEONAV is a THALES innovative IoT solution, allowing real-time Indoor/Outdoor precise (<1m) tracking at PNT and User Ground Segments level and available worldwide. GEONAV positioning algorithms take advantage of two existing positioning technologies that have already proven themselves: E-GNSS (European Global Navigation Satellite System) and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB).

In order to expand GEONAV development, Thales Services set up a consortium with European partners, including IoT provider, Sigfox, and End Users, allowing to test and validate GEONAV solution for the following uses cases:

  • Elite Sport: Use of accurate Real-Time Indoor/Outdoor tracking, suitable for any sports facility (Indoor/Outdoor stadiums such as Stade de France, Marcoussis,…).
  • Industrial Assets Management: Optimisation of the use of different assets along the production chain, namely the elaboration process, the inter-site transit and the delivery to final users, both in Indoor/Outdoor environments.

The benefits provided by the combination of Thales and Sigfox are to not compromise between precision of the location and autonomy of the indoor/outdoor tracker device. Using Sigfox will help End User to take the right decision: the alert or monitoring event needs to be securely received as soon as it has been raised.

Prior to GEONAV industrialisation and go to market, Thales Consortium will profit from NAVISP program contribution to improve and speed up GEONAV development.

Prime contractor

Thales Services

Name: Thales Services

Country: France

Website: https://www.thalesgroup.com


French Rugby Federation (FFR)

Name: French Rugby Federation (FFR)

Country: France

Website: https://www.ffr.fr/


Name: Sigfox

Country: France

Website: https://www.sigfox.com

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