040 - Advanced Orbit Determination Algorithm (ADORA)

040 - Advanced Orbit Determination Algorithm (ADORA)

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-040

Start date: 02/09/2019

Duration: 13 Months

The new product, ADORA (Advanced Orbit Determination Algorithm), will be the prototype of a new orbit determination platform that will use new technologies for parallel processing and new factorisation methods in data filtering to obtain the orbits of satellite systems, such as GPS, GLONASS or Beidou. Current products come in two different formats: either they perform a large data set processing to produce a stable and accurate solution after a considerable calculation time, or they process the data in a sequential way providing quick but less accurate solutions continuously. However, in both cases they are derived from pre-existing systems that were designed using the technologies available decades ago.
The role of the product is to allow to test and configure different calculation algorithms and different models.

Prime contractor


Name: DEIMOS Space

Country: Spain

Website: http://www.elecnor-deimos.com/

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