004 - Anti-Jammer SoC

004 - Anti-Jammer SoC

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-004

Start date: 18/09/2019

Duration: 31 Months

A SoC is a single chip, typically in CMOS technology, which integrates in a single die the major building blocks of a complex system such as RF, analog digital processing data path, SRAM and a CPU so to make the application very compact, low cost and low power consumption.
The role of the identified SoC product object of this NAVISP project, is to allow un-degraded Acquisition and Tracking performance in Interference harsh scenarios where most of the third party competitor parts, single feed antennas (i.e. not a Beam Forming competitive part), even with specialized and costly anti-Interference DSP engines, would normally fail and stop operating.

Prime contractor

Space Technology

Name: Space Technology

Country: Italy

Website: https://spacetechnology.it/




Country: Italy

Website: https://digimimic.com/

RedCat Devices

Name: RedCat Devices

Country: Italy

Website: https://redcatdevices.eu/

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