055 - Satellite data and audio signals as enablers for autonomous mobile work machines

055 - Satellite data and audio signals as enablers for autonomous mobile work machines

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-055

Start date: 24/03/2020

Satellite data is used in several applications to assist positioning of mobile work machines. The next step is towards mobile work machines having more autonomy. In this development, sensor data fusion, signal processing and artificial intelligence are essential technologies together with 5G and satellite data.

Mobile work machines rely more on radars, cameras and local positioning techniques. In limited visibility, the safe operation of automated work machines often fails in perceiving e.g. humans with the current sensor configurations.

Today, the sensor data fusion in the vehicle sector is based on integrating signals from satellite, radio radar, optical sensors like LiDAR, video, stereo or SWIR (Short Wave Infra-Red) or NIR (Near Infra-Red) cameras. Only a few trials exist where audio signals have been used in positioning of mobile work machines or vehicles.

The overall objective of the project is to promote the autonomy of mobile work machines. The project investigates cutting edge sensor data fusion and studies the added value of audio signals in enhancing the situation awareness of mobile work machines.

The project overall objective is further split into the following specific objectives:

       (i) Identify use scenarios where audio signal will produce complementary information to existing automation and PNT solutions in mobile work machines.

       (ii) Demonstrate how a sound guard will improve the situational awareness of automated mobile work machines.

        (iii) Eventually, create an exploitation plan to commercialise the demonstrations.

Prime contractor

Meluta Oy

Name: Meluta Oy

Country: Finland

Website: https://www.meluta.fi/en/frontpage_en/


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