058 - VANTIGE-2

058 - VANTIGE-2

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-058

Start date: 31/03/2020

With the aid of co-funding from a previous NAVISP program, Cobham have started the research and development of a GNSS signal protection system using beamforming techniques implemented on a software define digital signal processing board.  This previous activity, ‘Project VANTIGE’, has resulted in a number of study reports documenting the best implementation of such a system. Additionally, a proto-type hardware for the digital signal processing board was constructed.

For VANTIGE-2, phase 2 of this development activity, Cobham intend to expand on the development work accomplished thus far by further enhancing and maturing their algorithm, calibration techniques, out-of-band filtering and RF front-end. These technology components will take the foundational research achieved to date and move this forwards into a prototype product, which can then be tested and validated to close out this contract.


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