As a key player in space infrastructure operations for more than 30 years and with a staff today of more than 425 experts, Telespazio France supplies value-added satellite-based services and applications covering all of the key domains of space, from telecommunications and Earth observation to navigation. Telespazio France is the French subsidiary of the Telespazio group, which is a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%). Based in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris and French Guiana, Telespazio France, the flagship cities of France’s space sector, delivers its expertise and services to institutional and professional stakeholders, in particular to Defense, CNES, Arianespace and Kourou, the European launch base.
Telespazio is part of the Space Alliance together with Thales Alenia Space, with the aim of covering the entire cycle of the spatial value chain: from the design of infrastructures to their operation. Thales Alenia Space is in charge of the design and implementation of space systems (satellites, equipment, instruments, payloads and ground segments) and Telespazio is in charge of operations and services related to space systems.

Telespazio is organized around three centres of excellence:

  • Satellite Systems and Operations, in charge of operating our own space resources and systems, as well as those of our customers (for example, the European EGNOS and Galileo systems and the Kourou spaceport), and developing associated applications and solutions.
  • Space Telecommunications, offering a broad portfolio of connectivity solutions and services.
  • Geo-Information, delivering a unique range of radar and optical satellite imagery, and land- and ocean-monitoring products and services.

    Telespazio France has been involved in the development and Operations of European GNSS such as:

  • GALILEO, with supports in technical and Security Architecture, as well as the integration, verification and consolidation of the qualification report, on GSF and GMS;
  • EGNOS, in the specification, development and qualification follow-up, as responsible in the procurement of the system maintenance versions in partnership with the EGNOS Service Provider.

    To become a key European location-based service provider is at the heart of Telespazio ambition, driven by the navigation downstream activities of the Satellite Systems & Operations. In this field, over the past years, Telespazio France has implemented many projects, in particular through the ELaaSTIC, FLAMINGO, 5G CHAMPION, GEONAV IoT (H2020) and ESA NAVISP POMELO. Telespazio also leads key activities for maximising Galileo uptake in Emergency Services (e.g. EC HELP112 I & II and GRALLE projects). Today, more than ever, Telespazio is a true innovator, transforming what were once just possibilities into real services available to an increasingly wide audience worldwide.

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