Thales Alenia Space Italy

Thales Alenia Space Italy

Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), is a key European player in space 2.2 billion euros in 2022, 8,500 employees in 10 countries and forming with Telespazio the “Space Alliance”.

Main activities and positioning:

  • Navigation: pioneer in European satellite navigation, now one of the two Primes of G2G Batch1; GNSS on-board receiver and GNSS based instrument; receivers for Reference Stations and User Applications.
  • Telecommunications: one of the world’s leading designers of telecommunications satellites,
  • Earth Observation: very-high resolution optical and radar payloads; major supplier in export markets,
  • Science and exploration: pivotal partner in Europe’s missions.
  • Orbital infrastructure & space transport: from being provider of half of the ISS’s to current SOAR and Orion MPCV.

Point of contact
Carlo Ponzoni

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