Syderal, a Swiss SME, is a national leader in hardware and software electronic solutions for satellites. A recognised name in the electronic equipment industry, we serve diverse application requirements (including medical devices, defence and security applications, tests instrumentation) and deliver customised services to meet our clients’ needs.

Syderal is an electronic equipment supplier specialising in the design, development, manufacturing and validation of hardware and software electronic solutions.
Our high quality products are used in wide ranging industries including on-board the satellite payload and platform, medical devices, defense and security applications, tests instrumentation and any other field our customers may require.
Our prime location in "Seeland", Switzerland makes it convenient to serve our customers across the world. Also referred to as the "three lakes" region (Neuchâtel, Bienne, Morat) this area is the "heart" of the Swiss watch industry where fine mechanical and electronic products are manufactured.

Point of contact
Cedric Barraud
+41 32 338 98 00​

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