Indra Navia

Indra Navia

Indra Navia sets the standard for lifetime value in communication, navigation and tower solutions for the world’s leading airports and air navigation service providers. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indra Sistemas, we are able to offer you a complete, customized portfolio of integrated air traffic management and airport solutions. Indra Navia has been developing a GBAS ground station currently at prototype level and tested successfully at Oslo and Frankfurt airports. High performance antennas are very expensive and have long lead times. Only one antenna on the commercial market is available meeting the strict performance requirements and is currently acquired by Indra Navia. Indra Navia hereto aims the development of its own GNSS receiver antenna product for all future deliveries of the system (NORMARC 8100). Current ICAO standards are limited to GPS only. However, the new antenna developed by Indra Navia will be designed for multi-frequency, multi-constellation in line with the on-going work to include Galileo in the standards. A pre-study phase is on-going for the definition of the detailed requirements

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